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WE-T50  vacuum tea packing machine

Vacuum tea bag packing machine automatical pickup bag, measuring weight, filling tea, sealing bag with vacuum system date-printing, the lot number is options.


1.) Automatically finish all the processes such as bag forming, materials filling, measuring weight, bag-forming,date-printing, lot number bag, cutting counting
2). English Language, screen control system, set up the required data(include packing speed, weighing, bag size, etc) in the visible settings, the control system automatic optimization match with all the programs so that achieve the best packing speed precisely.
3) Stepper motor, this system has the advantage of precision, needless to adjust the other parts.
4) Photocell eye .so you can get the whole trademark design.
5) Intelligent temperature control system. Suitable for kinds of bag materials and low noise good performance.
6) Good packaging performance, low noise, clear sealing texture, and strong sealing performance.

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WE-T50 vacuum tea packing machine

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