Fastener packaging machine

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Fastener packaging machine

 This is the fastener packing machine we made for our customer from Russia. They are famous fasteners manufactured in Russia, the product includes screws, nails, washers, nuts, and bolts. They need about 40 staff to weigh and put the product into the bag. Slow and quantity is wrong. There were 7 different kinds of items in one bag at most so we customized the below-counting machine with 7 vibrating bowls for them. 

For the details please see the below video and picture



Packing machine for screws

washer packing machine

nut packing machine

nails packing machine

Fully automatic process of feeding alignment counting rejects forming unit filling sealing cutting.
Options: Easy connecting to elevator conveyor printing, end weighing checker or bag quantity counting device, exhausting or inflating device.
PLC: Adopt an import PLC control unit matched with a 7-color touch displayer to realize multifunctional intelligent control.
Independently PLC control unit for a torsional vibrator and packing machine
Stainless steel bearing structure with pneumatic reel holder

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