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Pyramid tea bag machine is used to pack flower tea, loose tea, green tea, black tea, scented tea, coffee, health tea, and herbal tea. Triangle tea packing machine fully automatic dosing the tea, forming bag, filling tea into bag and sealing. It has a nice sealing effect.

The machine can automatically complete the functions of feeding, measuring, bag making, sealing, cutting, counting, finished product transportation and other function.
Choose the imported ultrasonic seal and the electronic weighing method, the sealing is firm, the blanking is accurate.
Packaging materials: inner bag: nylon, pet, non-woven fabric, corn fiber.
Outer bags: polypropylene/polyethylene, aluminum foil/polyethylene, polyester/ aluminum/ polyethylene, etc.
Feeding mode: four-position electronic scale.

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WE-SJB02 Nylon pyramid tea bag packing machine

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