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Are you still semi-automatically packing the hardware spare parts? Are you ever been complained about by customers because of the wrong quantity of hardware pouches? Missed delivery time due to inefficiency? High cost for labor counting and packing the screw dowel or eccentric parts?

We can help you solve these problems with 15 years of experience in hardware counting packing machines.

We are a manufacturer in China and specialized in counting packaging machines for 15 years! Furniture accessories package machine, Screws packaging machine, Hardware accessories packaging machine, Fasteners packaging machine, Weighing packaging line.

Our machine is able to fully automatic counting the screw dowel and eccentric door hinge or other spare parts into pouches or boxes according to your requirement. Date printing or labeling is optional if you need it. Normally there are 2 kinds of the package for furniture kit. One is a mixed package means the machine will count all different kinds of spare parts that one set of furniture needs into one pouch so customers can find all parts when they received furniture and try to install it.

furniture kit mix packing machine
Nut Bolt Packing Machine with end checker

The other kind of package is a linked bag means the machine will count the hardware parts according to the stall steps, one step one bag, and link together, this is more convenient for customers as they don’t need to look for the exact parts they need from many different parts but is slower than mix bag.

Furniture Kit Link Chain Packing Machine

Plug Counting Packaging

Guangzhou Worlde Packaging Machinery Co,.Ltd was founded in 2003. Integrated R&D production sales and service department, Worlde packaging specialized in providing pouch packing machines form film seal machines like screw packing machines, powder packing machines, chips packing machines, snack packing machines, coffee packing machines, sugar packing machines, and tea packing machines. With the mission of constant innovation in technology and critical quality control, strictly following the ISO9001:2000 quality management system, CE security standard, and other world product safety requirements, Worlde packaging enjoyed a good reputation in domestic and overseas in USA Canada Peru Italy Japan Russia Turkey UAE South Africa UKRAINE Indonesia Vietnam, etc.

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