Try to Find the Suitable Hardware Counting Packing Machine.

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Counting Packing Machine for Your Hardware Accessories Parts

We are good at hardware accessories and spare parts packing machines for 15 years. Our machine is able to fully automatic counting or weighs the spare parts into a pouch or box according to your requirement no matter what field you are in.

If you are a furniture factory or hardware accessories factory you may need the below machine. It will count screw nut bolt washer dowel eccentric or door hinge according to your quantity and mix them into one bag.

If you need over 50 pcs/bag then our camera counter or weighing machine is suitable for you.

If you are a bathroom products factory, below machine is suitable for you.

If you are a curtain factory, you can use the below horizontal form film seal machine to wrap your hinge or handle.

If you are a plastic toy factory, ou may interest in our below-packing machine

You may be interested in our below machine function:

1 Accuracy:99.9% according to the quantity with fiber counting which is a much big range of direct, fast, and stable reaction speed.
The end weighing director is optional for higher accuracy by rejecting the out tolerance dose.
2 Capacity: About 100~300 pcs /min per plate according to the exact product. 
3 Durable: Lower malfunction rate and a lifetime of about 10 years.
4 Versatility: The same torsional vibrator is suitable for a certain range of products in different sizes and shapes.
Ergonomic condition: ergonomic condition operation area for the parts manually feeding which is unworkable with the machine.
Feeding: Staff is convenient for feeding enough parts into the torsional vibrator the height is about 800~900mm above the grand.
Quickly format change: clear the remaining parts in 5 min by pressing one button. 
Lower noise and surface wear with the specific glue on the surface of the torsional vibrator. The soundproof enclosure is optional.
5 Customize: customize the size and principle of the torsional vibrator  to optimize feeding and alignment according to the exact parts, with linear vibrating for hung or full wave vibrating intensity. 
6 Installation: The machine is  easy disassemble for shipment and installation working. 
7 Reserve the position for a future additional torsional vibrator.
8 Multifunction: Fully automatical process of feeding, alignment, counting, rejecting wrong quantity, bag forming, filling, sealing, and cutting. 
9 Options: Easy connecting to elevator conveyor, printing, end weighing checker or bag quantity counting device, exhausting or inflating device.


PLC: Adopt an import PLC control unit with a 7″ color touch displayer to realize multifunctional intelligent control.Independently PLC control unit for the torsional vibrator and packing machine.
Stainless steel bearing structure with pneumatic reel holder.
Bag appearance is neatened and firm.
The intelligent temperature control unit.
Step motor pulling the film.
Electric eye tracing fixes the accurate cutting position.
Thermoregulator or impulse for PE for composite version.
Cutter is durable with nickel plating and hardens processing.
Labourite bag forming tube avoids film stuck or wrinkled. 
Status light: Alarm system if any malfunction such as miscounting, lack of parts or film, parts stuck, empty bag.
The memory of different kinds of packing input parameters. 
Adjustment: Measuring range and bag length adjustment via encode type.
E-stop if the security door opens or resets target production capacity is reached.
Freedom combines the independent vibrator as well as the sequence to improve the speed and reduce the wastage for mixing parts packing or linking.

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