Automatic Cartoning Machine

Cartoning machine or automatic cartoner is a packaging machine used in the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries to package products into cardboard boxes. The most popular ones in the market are horizontal cartoning machines. 
According to the form of product sealing our standard cartoning machine is mainly used for Tuck End Boxes and Seal End Boxes, the boxes with glue sealing need to be equipped with an optional hot melt glue machine. We also provide you with customized cartoning equipment or automatic packaging line solutions based on your actual production situation.
The production speeds that can be covered range from 15 boxes/minute to 180 boxes/minute depending on the products you need to package. If you need to put in the products manually, we recommend a production speed of fewer than 30 boxes/minute.

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Features of a cartoning machine

Automated packaging process: The machine can automatically feed and fold cardboard boxes, insert the product, and close and seal the box, significantly reducing manual labor and increasing efficiency.

Customization: Cartoning machines can be customized to fit specific products, including the size and shape of the boxes, the number of products per box, and the type of product.

Increased accuracy: With automation, the machine reduces the chances of errors, such as incorrect product placement, or incorrect box size, ensuring that each box is filled and sealed accurately and consistently.

Improved production speed: The automation process significantly increases production speed, allowing for more boxes to be packaged in a shorter amount of time.

Enhanced safety: Cartoning machines are equipped with safety features, such as guards and emergency stops, to protect operators and prevent accidents.

In addition, the use of a cartoning machine can improve the overall appearance of the packaged product, making it more attractive to consumers.  

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Our Advantages

  1.  Free Sample Testing, OEM/ODM
  2. Standard machine in Stock,15 Days For Delivery
  3. Stable performance, Excellent carton forming effect ,alarm empty box.
  4.  The flexibility of production due to quick and easy size changeovers.
  5. Universal Design With Simple Modifications to Fit Most Product Packaging
  6.  Large Area Using Stainless Steel, Attention to detail, internal components as well made.