Fastener packaging machine

This is the machine we made for our customer from Russia.They are famous fasteners manufacture in Russia , the product including the screws, nails, washer, nut, bolt and they need about 40 staff to weighing and put the product into the bag. Slow and quantity is wrong . There were 7 different kind of items in one bag at most so we custmized the below counting machine with 7 vibrating bowl for them.

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Furniture accessories packaging machine

Today we introduce one of our standard accessories counting packing machine widely used in the furniture filed.After staff put the enough screws ,plug,door hinge,eccentric gear , eccentric rod furniture accessories into each vibrating hopper and input the quantity for each part then machine will begin to counting and packing the parts into one bag , finish sealing, cutting , printing is optional if you need.

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Looking Forward to the Sino-Pack 2019–Worldepack​

Sino-Pack2019 will be grandly held in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Hall on March 4th to 6th , 2019. As the first printing and packaging exhibition of each year, the exhibition in 2019 has a grand scale with 10 pavilions, displaying the leading technologies of printing, label, packaging and logistics in the whole industrial chain, with an exhibition area of more than 100,000 square meters.

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Form Fill Seal Machine is the most efficient way of Product Packaging!

As you step into the business world, you are required to understand how well your products are presented in the outer world. Product packaging plays a key role when it comes to influence customers’ decision

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Working Principle and Structure for Vibrating Bowl or Hopper ​

Bowl hopper is through AC electromagnet of pulsed electro-magnetic-driven flexible structure, form a directional vibration, enabling auto-arrange and direct supply of the workpiece.On the electrical control with TRIAC variable voltage or frequency modulation, stepless speed regulation.

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