Versitility Packing Machine/Hardware Counting Packing Machine

We are a manufacturer in China and specialized in counting packaging machines for 19 years ! Our machine is able to pack the screws bolt nut hardware or plastic spare parts …into the bag box carton.

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WE-LS1 Versatility Packing Machine/Hardware Counting Packing Machine

A hardware counting packing machine is a type of automated machine that is used for counting and packing individual items or small hardware components. This machine can efficiently and accurately count items, and then package them into containers or bags. The purpose of this machine is to improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the packing process, reducing the time and manual labor required to complete the task. The specific features of a hardware counting packing machine will depend on the manufacturer and the model, but some common features include an adjustable counting head, a bagging unit, a control panel, and various safety features.


1. According to screw/special parts sample tailored to the vibration plates with a precise count control device, to ensure that every bag is accurate and correct.
2. Adopting a pneumatic structure, the whole machine is more secure, stable, and reliable.
3. Advanced PLC control system and various automatic alarm protection functions, convenient for daily maintenance and reduced wastage.
4. It completes the whole procedure of metering, filling, bagging, date printing, charging(exhausting), and counting automatically.
5. Unique design of the packing seal technology, make the sealing nice and strong.
6. Equipped with a chain conveyor trailer, it can be fed manually if the vibration plates are unworkable.


Speed 10-60bag/min

Counting range


Pouch size


Film width


Film thickness


Gas consumption

0.03/ min



Sealing type

Pillow sealingside sealing with Europe hole or chain bag



Net/gross wt




Pack material





Nut bolt packing machine


Engineer Team:Engineer

Process :process

Customer :





Installation Service
1. we provide videos and an instruction manual to show the process of installation.
2. we provide training for installation for free in our factory.
3. we can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.
After Sales Service
1. One-year warranty and free lifetime technique support.
2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine broke within the warranty period.
3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.





The machine did not start

The fuse broken/The power plug did not put on/The emergency stop button still on

Change the fuse/Insert the power plug/Turn off the emergency stop button.

Film/paper pull off

The film/paper got gaps and wrinkles; the roller step motor stopped; the Proximity switch is damaged. Poor contact between lines. Main motor reversal.

Dropping out the no-use film/paper; Replacing the proximity switches, and fixing the lines.

The sealing is not strong

A low temperature; the sealer is not straight; the film/paper loading is ugly.

Adjust the temperature or detect heater, broken-change, make the sealer straight; loading the film/paper nicely.

The pulling wheel not working.

The light is on but not working; dumping power is too weak; the switch is fucked down.

Make sure the color marker light point to the color spot.

The machine stops ERR=05

No film/paper

Loading new film/paper.

The temperature control displays exception number

The wire of the sealer was connected or at  a poor connection

Reconnect or change the sealer

The temperature control displays show the temperature does not raise up.

The heater or the fuse was broken.

Change the heater or the fuse.

The bags do not completely cut off.

The knife has an abrasion or it lays not straight enough.

Make an adjustment or change the new knife.

The bags can not be pulled down

The time setting for the bag pulling is not correct/The bag maker got the wrong placement

Reset the cutting time or replace the bag maker.

Pls fill oil in the hole and gear injection position on time.
Reducer is prohibited from working without oil, For the first time, the machine needs to change the lubrication to swim after working for 40 hours.Then keep changing every 3 months.

lubricating oil

Environment Temperature

 lubricating oil


Gear oil – 20 or HL – HL 50 machine oil


Gear oil – 30 HL or HL – 50 machine oil

After a long time using please add gear oil or grease to the engine parts.
Gearbox No-oil operation is strictly forbidden, running for the first time after a 40-hour, it needs to replace lubrication, then every oil change for three months.
Every day after production, please clean the dust and the rubbish on/inside or around the machine.
Make sure that the machine at a dry place without moisture.
For the Air booster, please keep it clean without dust and water.

Make the screws are tied up before producing, especially the screws of the vibration plate.
Keep the electronic eye/color marker and the lights lean, without no dust.
Safe first, make sure you operate the machine in a safe situation.
General equipment maintenance includes routine maintenance, scheduled maintenance, periodic inspection, and precision inspection, lubrication and cooling system maintenance is also an important element of equipment maintenance.
Equipment daily maintenance work is the foundation of equipment maintenance and must be institutionalized and standardized. Equipment maintenance work on a regular basis to develop fixed material consumption fixed, tested and fixed equipment maintenance work on a regular basis should be included in the contract responsibility system of workplace assessment.

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