Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine (MAP Machine) is a type of packaging equipment used to create and control the atmosphere within the package to extend the product’s shelf life. Based on the packaging requirements and functionalities, MAP machines can be classified into several types:

  1. MAP Vacuum Sealer: This machine is primarily used to create a modified atmosphere during the packaging process and package products in MAP bags or MAP trays. It achieves a controlled atmosphere through vacuum processing and gas injection, and seals the packaging using sealing mechanisms.

  2. MAP Can Seamer: This machine is used to place products in sealed cans and control the atmosphere inside the cans through vacuum processing and gas injection. It is commonly used for packaging food and beverages such as coffee, nuts, powdered milk, etc.

  3. MAP Tray Packaging Machine: This machine is used to place products on trays and create a modified atmosphere using stretch film and gas injection. It is often used for packaging large products, electronic equipment, etc.

  4. MAP Packaging Line: A MAP packaging line is a system that integrates multiple packaging equipment, including MAP vacuum sealers, MAP can seamers, MAP tray packaging machines, etc. It enables a continuous MAP packaging process, improving production efficiency and automation.

These machines may vary in design and functionality, but their common goal is to provide high-quality packaging, extend shelf life, and ensure the safety and quality of products during transportation and storage. The choice of a specific machine depends on packaging requirements, product characteristics, and production scales.

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Here is a general working process of a MAP machine:

  • Product Placement: Position the product to be packaged inside the packaging chamber.

  • Packaging Film Supply: Pull out an appropriate-sized packaging film from the packaging material roll and convey it to the position within the packaging chamber.

  • Atmosphere Adjustment: Inject an appropriate gas mixture, such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen, into the packaging film. The gas composition is adjusted based on the product’s characteristics and requirements to extend its shelf life.

  • Vacuum Processing: After atmosphere adjustment, begin extracting the air from the packaging chamber to create a vacuum environment. Vacuum processing helps reduce the oxygen content, slowing down the food’s oxidation process and extending its freshness.

  • Sealing: Once the vacuum processing is complete, the machine seals the opening of the packaging film using heat or other methods to ensure a tight seal.

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The advantages of MAP machines include extended product shelf life, prevention of oxidation, maintenance of product quality, prevention of bacterial contamination, and providing a longer shelf life. They are widely used in the food industry, particularly for packaging fresh foods, meats, fruits, vegetables, and seafood. Additionally, MAP machines are also used in the pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, and other fields where controlling the packaging atmosphere is necessary.