Hardware counting packing machine fully automatic counting the screw nut bolt nail washer peg into pouch.

Instant coffee, coffee powder , coffee granule , no matter what kind of coffee do you need to pack, you will find satisfied one here .

Are you looking for fastener packing machine to save the cost for you ? Pls see below youtube video of our nails or washer weighing machine , High quality and efficient . It's able to weighing all fastener parts or hardware , plastic parts into bag , box or carton .

There are many different tea packing machine now like small tea filter bag with tag and thread , Pyramid Tea packing machine , the loop tea packing machine, Lipton double chamber tea bag packing machine , Vacuum tea packing machine , Stand up bag packing machine

This is the nails weighing machine line we customized for our customer from Algeria . His requirement is to save the labor cost as it’s very expensive. The machine need to finished all process instead of labor...

We received the inquiry from this customer in USA about 3 month ago and he need us to provide the automatic packing solution for his small screws. The length is about 40 mm , 100g~1000g/ bag, his company LOGO and the product information need to be printing on the bag . Accuracy is about 1~3 pcs/bag, speed is 20~30bag /min , so we introduced the below multihead weighing machine .