Powder Packing Machine |Quad Seal Bag Packing Machine Manufacturer

Powder Packing Machine for quad seal bag, with good appearance


Powder Packing Machine |Quad Seal Bag Packing Machine Manufacturer

This is Powder Packing Machine for Penta Seal Thumb Bag, we also call it a quad seal pouch. Novel bag shape, perfect four-sided edge line attracts consumers’ attention. With its elegant appearance, this powder package machine become popular.

Drawing for powder packing machine





MAX 20-30 bags/min ( the packing speed will be changed according to the bag length, film material, and the packing product)



Film width

220-520 mm

Bag type

Corner seal package(pillow bag and gusseted bag)

Filling range


Film thickness

0.04-0.09 mm, the best is 0.07-0.08 mm

Package material

thermal composite material., like BOPP/CPP, PET/AL/PE, etc

Air consumption

0.8 Mpa 0.35 cmb/min


Signal phase 220V, three phases, 380V  50 /60 HZ

Total height

L4.5m * W3.2 m * H3.0m




  1. Imported PLC full computer control system, full Chinese/English touch screen operating system, clear display of the working status and instructions.
  2. High Precision servo film system, smooth movement of the film, with photoelectric automatic positioning and tracking system, accurate positioning.
  3. The intelligent digital temperature control system, temperature controlled stability, with a teeth-shaped sealer, sealed firmly.
  4. Including automatic fault alarm display function, such as low temperature, no packaging film, colorless belt, no material, servo failure, colorless signal, glass protection door when opened automatically alarm or shutdown function.
  5. This machine and metering device can be completed automatically by metering, feeding, filling bags, date printing, and finishing.

Engineer Team :

Installation Service

1. We provide videos and an instruction manual to show the process of installation.

2. We provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3. We can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.

After Sales Service

1. One-year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine has broken within the warranty period.

3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.