Tea Packing Machine Manufacturer

  • Worldepack‘s tea packaging machines are versatile and are used for the automatic filling and sealing of tea bags, it is suitable for pharmaceuticals, health products, and all types of tea and coffee.
  • We can supply tea bagging machines for loose-leaf tea and fermented tea, for black tea, green tea, and flower tea.
  • The tea bag machine uses rolls of film to automatically create the inner filter bags, then pack 3-sided or 4-sided sealed outer plastic bags. Labels and strings can be integrated with the tea bag. 
  • A pyramid tea bag machine is also a popular inner filter tea outer bag packaging machine. Hygienic and popular snack tea and coffee packaging. The tea bag machine makes heat-sealed filter paper bags with string and labels for traditional tea and herbal tea.
  • Small tea bagging machines are available for startups or small businesses.
  • The double chamber tea bag packaging machine is our latest design of advanced tea packaging machinery, which is designed and integrated with a simple tea box packing machine.
  •  The high-speed tea packaging machine can reach 110 bags/minute. Filtered bags are grouped by 10~100 bags/box with automatic counting and automatic boxing.
  • A drip coffee tea bag-making machine dosing tea, forming a drip sachet, wrap with an outside film sachet, hanging on the cup, conveniently to drink tea or coffee.
  • Add-ons for tear opening and easy opening systems can also be installed.  

What are the benefits of an automatic tea bagging machine?

#1. High Productivity

High productivity to meet the increasing demand for tea packaging. Automatic tea packaging machines can pack up to 1,800 tea bags per hour. By using these machines, you can grow your packaging business through higher productivity and save a lot of man-hours.

#2. Compact Space-Saving Machines

Many tea processing machines are small in size and take up little space. This saves factory space and reduces rental costs. In addition, the extra space allows for the storage of products to be processed, as well as tea that has already been packed for onward shipment.

#3. Increase brand awareness

Tea packaging equipment produces neat and attractive tea packaging that increases brand awareness. This can boost your marketing plan by producing well-packaged tea that will attract customers.

#4. High standard of hygiene

The parts of the tea packaging machine that process tea are made of stainless steel. This complies with CGMP and CE to improve hygiene. Stainless steel is easy to clean and is often considered safe for use in handling food and pharmaceuticals.

In addition, the additional safety of the contents is enhanced by the double wrapping of the tea bags. This involves encapsulating the filter paper tea bags within a more robust housing.

#5. Cost-effective

The use of automatic or semi-automatic tea packaging equipment reduces the need for manual labor. The packaging process is mostly manual-free, reducing labor costs. Skilled operators run the complete packaging process using user-friendly controls.

In addition, industrial safety is improved due to the reduction of manpower in the plant and fewer industrial accidents.

In the long run, the high productivity of the machine compensates for the upfront capital investment.

#6. Multifunctional packaging machines

These machines are customizable and can produce bags of different sizes. You can also adjust the weight of each bag and the machine’s operating speed to your liking.

#7 Precision Packaging

Tea packaging machines achieve a high degree of packaging precision. This ensures quality, and consistent output because the weighing of the contents and sealing of the package is machine-guided. This is in contrast to manual packaging, which is prone to human error and packaging inconsistencies.

#8. Easy to use

The Worldepack tea bag packer is integrated with a color touch screen HMI and PLC. This makes it easy for the average operator to use in a packaging environment.

#9 Tea stays fresher and longer

Finally, the tea packaging machine loads the tea leaves into disposable filter paper pouches. These can also be secured in a second pouch. The tea is kept until it is opened and used. They are discarded shortly after use.


What are the classifications of tea packaging machines?

How to choose a good tea packaging machine?

It is recommended that you make some important considerations before purchasing a tea packaging machine. Here are some important factors to ensure you meet your industrial packaging needs.

#1. Budget

Your business is primarily built to be profitable. Before purchasing your tea packaging equipment, develop your financial projections to determine business viability.

Explore available financing options. Do you have sufficient funds to purchase, install and operate the new machinery? If necessary, consider the possibility of obtaining financing for the machine from financiers or investors.

#2. Packaging Requirements

Define your tea bag packaging requirements beforehand. Clarify the packaging output or tea bag design you intend to achieve to meet your market.
It is recommended to purchase the tea packaging machine that is most relevant to your packaging needs. While it is possible to customize the machine to meet a range of packaging requirements, frequent changeovers can waste valuable time and impact productivity.

In addition, be aware of the packaging speed required. A highly automated machine will present a higher level of productivity. Consider your current and projected packaging needs to get the right machine.

#3. Plant Size

Evaluate the available floor space to determine if it is sufficient to accommodate the machines you intend to install.

Automated machinery is usually compact, but you should provide space for other packaging functions, such as storage of packaged products, raw materials waiting to be packaged, spare parts and operator areas.

#4. Supplier reputation

Be careful to check the supplier’s reputation, brand reliability, certifications, and recognition.

Measure the level of technical user support through videos, detailed manuals, and online or supplier phone availability. What is the quality of after-sales support provided?

Worldepack tea packaging machine is more advanced because it is continuous and high-speed. The max. speed of 120 bags per minute will fully satisfy the high output of large tea companies. Meanwhile, the small tea bag packing machine with a speed of 30~45 bags per minute is suitable for startups or small businesses.

We have highlighted how the machine works and the key factors to consider before buying a tea packaging machine. You’ve learned how your budget, packaging requirements, and factory size are particularly important.