WE-T20 Automatic Filter Tea bag Packing Machine


WE-T20 Automatic Filter Tea bag Packing Machine


This machine is suitable for packing such products as broken tea, coffee, ginseng essence, diet tea,health-caring tea, medicine tea, as well as tea leaves and herb beverage, etc. It can automatically complete such functions as bag-making, filling, measuring, sealing, thread, feeding, labeling, cutting, counting, etc, thus reducing labor expenses and improving production efficiency. Applicable Packing Material: 1. Heat-sealed type filtering cotton paper: outer diameter of paper roll≤450mm, inner diameter=75mm 2.Heat-sealed type label paper: outer diameter of paper roll≤¢300mm, inner diameter=¢75mm,width:28-30mm.


Measuring: Volumetric method
Measuring Scope: 2.5-10ml about 1.5-5g of broken tea
Bag Size: Min. 50×50mm; Max. 65×80(mm)
Label Size: Width:28mm;length:25-30mm
Packing Speed: 30-60bags/minute
External Dimensions: 900×950×1800(mm)
Machine Weight: About 450KG
Input Power Supply: 220V,50HZ
Total Power: 1.6KW
Main Motor: 220V、370W、YJ7134Single-phase,1400rpm
Heater: 110V、250W、2pce,110V、300W  2pce
Control System: About 40w



Machine Picture

Engineer Team:



Installation Service

1. We provide videos and an instruction manual to show the process of installation.

2. We provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3. We can send a technician to the buyer’s factory to install the machine and provide a training course.

After Sales Service

1. One-year warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2. Free spare parts would be supplied if the machine has broken within the warranty period.

3. After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on a certain charge.

Operation Procedure

1. Preparations Prior to start-up
Switch on power
Close the electric leakage protection switch
Set the temperature on the temperature control meter for horizontal/vertical sealing and labeling(set according to material fusion point)
Install label heat-sealed paper and feed thread(see attached figure).
Install packing film (see attached figure.)
Operation Sequence for Start-up
When the red indicator lights up:
Check if the blanking handle and thread-feeding handle are disengaged (at this moment, they must be disengaged).
Feed the film into the vertical sealing roller, perform idle stroke bag-making, and check if the sealing is even and secure and if the middle cutter can cut.
Close label sealing roller.
Close the thread-feeding handle, and check if the finished products(empty bags)are qualified.
Close the blanking handle, and observe if the blanking time is correct (see attached figure and instructions) Batch production of finished products can be done only after all the above preparations are completed.
2、 Sequence for Stopping
Disengage the blanking handle — disengage the thread-feeding handle — disengage the label-feeding heat-sealed roller — Cut off the motor switch —Cut off the power switch — Clean up
Note: when stopping the machine, the vertical sealing roller and horizontal sealing roller must be disengaged to avoid the film from being burnt.
3、 Precautions:
During machine operation, pay attention to see if the machine sounds harmonious. If there is any abnormal sound, immediately stop the machine to check.
Frequently clean the surface of the vertical sealing roller and horizontal sealing roller with a copper brush to prevent objects from sticking to the surface, so as to avoid poor heat sealing or sealing(Be sure to cut off power when cleaning)
Do not approach the machine when it is in operation.
Regularly check various machine fasteners for any loss of disengagement.
For reducers, engine oil must be changed every 3 months. Refer to the central line of oil gage for oil filling
4、The point of transporting and installation
You can use the wheels which are installed under the four angles of the packing machine to remove them in the workshop or factory. The ground must be flat, or else easy to damage the wheels.
In order to transport the machine long-distance safely. The outbox used for packing the machine must be firm. We fixed the machine to the soleplate of the box firmly. The out-of-the-box print the warning that inversion or impact is not allowed.
² Make sure to connect to the grounding wire in order to avoid injuring electricity.
² The packing machine must keep the moist area and high voltage power supply.
² Please turn off all of the power supplies before setting the packing materials in order to avoid the accident.
² You had better adjust the velocity under the condition that the packing machine is running by the electric motor.
² Please put the packing machine in a shady and cool area where far from the sunlight.
² If You operate the machine reversely, you will damage the machine. Adjust the machine by hand, please don’t rotate the hand wheel reversely.
² Please clean the machine frequently, and add the lubricating oil termly.
² Change the oil in the decelerating machine every 3 months.
IV.Brief Introduction to Control Panel
1、 Power Indicator
When the power switch is on, the indicator lights up.
2、 Heat-up Ampere Meter:
Indicate the current when the label. vertical and horizontal seals are under heating status.
3、 Main Power Switch
Switch on to make the machine stand by
4、 Motor Switch
Switch on to make the machine operate
5、 Temperature Controlling Meter for Labeling
Indicate the current when vertical and horizontal seals is under heating status.
6、 Temperature Controlling Meter for Vertical Sealing
Adjust Vertical Sealing Temperature (subject to the secure sealing of packing material)
7、 Temperature Controlling Meter for Horizontal Sealing
Adjust Horizontal Sealing Temperature (subject to the secure sealing of packing material)
8、 Counter
Control the power supply of counter
9、 Counting switch:
Control the power supply of counter
10、 Motor Fuse:
Provide current overload protection for motor (10A)
11、 Vertical Sealing Fuse:
Provide current overload protection for vertical sealing (4A)
12、 Horizontal Sealing Fuse:
Provide current overload protection for horizontal sealing (4A)

V.Using and Adjusting

※Schematic Drawing of Film Feeding

  1. Release the retaining ring and take off the film press plate.
  2. Feed the film into the film guide rod anticlockwise. Fit up the film press plate and retaining ring. align the film center to the sealing line. faster the retaining ring secure.
  3. Feed the film against roller 1. Twin roller A and twin roller B. As shown in the figure. Insert the shaper. And the film feeding is completed. ( Prior to insertion of shaper, fold the film end section into two folds and cut it into a pointed shape.)

Adjusting The Shaper of The Filtrate Bag(inner bag)

1. Make sure the shaper size is suitable for the paper width.

2. When the four edges of the packing bag take up a lozenge shape, release the four fastening bolt 1, and adjust in the right direction ( or in the left direction for reverse effect).

3. When the edges of the packing bag take up a lozenge shape release fastening bolt 2 for adjustment.

4. Adjustment to the width of the heat-sealed edge of vertical sealing, release fastening bolt 3, push it inwards for longer width, or vice versa.

5. For adjusting packing paper width, replacement of the corresponding shaper is required.

※Schematic Drawing of Film Feeding


Please use the nipper supplied together with the machine to feed the cotton thread in the order as shown in the figure, Knots are not allowed on the thread to maintain smooth thread flow.

※Schematic Drawing of  Label  Feeding:


First, fold the heat-sealed surface of the right label paper and feed it into the right guide chue to place it under the label cutting knifed the same for the left label paper then pull the left and right label paper even and close the label sealing roller

※Adjusting the time of thread feeding

Adjust the time of thread feeding:

  1. Stop machine;
  2. Turn the feeding handle close;
  3. Raise the handgrip up to move gear 2 off;
  4. Turn the brace clockwise (ahead of the feeding time) or anticlockwise (lag the feeding time);
  5. Drop the handgrip down to take the gear 2 mesh.

※Adjusting the time of thread cutting

When the thread feeding arm is parallel to the navigation the feeding tub unthreads the end side. The cutting equipment is placed in the diagram to show the appearance.

※Adjusting the equipment for drawing a tag

1. the tag roller runs at the right moment when the broken thread falls in;

2. adjusting the time of the tag roller running:

Release the bolt in the prejudicial sleeve on the swing arm. Turn the prejudicial sleeve. Deasil to take the roller running ahead of time. And anticlockwise take lag.

adjusting the time of cutting the tag

The tag scissors cut the tag when the tag roll stopped.


1. Turn the swing arm to the rock bottom (see the picture of “adjusting of the time of the tag roller running”). In this the tag roll stop.

2. release the bolt on the scissors cam and turn the cam as the picture. (the salient of the cam run the scissors roll to close the scissors).

3. lock the bolt.

4. for ahead the time of cutting, turn the cam deasil. And turn the cam anticlockwise to lag.

※Adjusting for the sealing roller of the tag

1. change the heating ring

² demount transfer gear;

² release the bolt on the axle sleeve;

² move the tag axis rightward;

² release the locknut ring;

² demount the heating ring and change a new.

2. adjusting the pressure for sealing

The pressure over the tag will be broken, distortion. For the lack, the tag will loose. Adjust the “adjusting nut” on the tag roller seat to adjust the pressure. Turn anticlockwise to take the pressure light and deasil to hard.

3. change the cuprum bushing

demount the heating ring. And then release the thermocouple. And demount the adjustable bushing seat and change the cuprum bushing.

※Adjustment for vertical sealing roller

  1. adjust the “pressure screw cap” to adjust the press of the vertical sealing of the tea bag;
  2. move the “sealing roller release screw cap” deasil to take the sealing roller release;
  3. change the heating ring:
  4. demount the “vertical sealing roller”;
  5. demount the “ lock screw ring”;
  6. demount the “ heating ring”;
  7. setting a new “heating ring” on;
  8. regress the “ lock screw ring” and “vertical sealing roller”.
  9. change of the “cuprum bushing”

A.change the cuprum bushing on the adjustable axis:

  1. demount the heating ring according to a, b, and c of step 3( change the heating ring) to demount the “vertical sealing roller”, “lock screw ring” and “heating ring” first;
  2. demount the gear and the bracket;
  3. demount the axis;
  4. demount the “adjustable seat of axis”;
  5. demount the cuprum bushing;
  6. change new cuprum bushing on;
  7. regress the “axis seat”, “bracket”, “gear”, “heating ring”, “lock screw ring”, and “vertical sealing roller”.
  8. Change the cuprum bushing on the unadjustable axis:
  9. demount the heat ring on the unadjustable axis;
  10. demount the gear on the immovable sealing axis;
  11. demount 4 screws on the “unadjustable seat of the axis”;
  12. demount the “seat of the axis”
  13. demount the cuprum bushing in the seat;
  14. change new cuprum bushing on;
  15. regress the “seat”, “axis”, “gear”, and “heating ring”.
  16. Note: before changing the cuprum bushing, please bore the new cuprum bushing by reamer of ø20mm first. And when setting the new cuprum bushing on, imbruing the grease which is heat-resistant over 200°C.

※Adjusting for horizontal sealing roller

1. demount the shield and release the bolt on the gear and turn the left horizontal sealing roller and right horizontal sealing roller to mesh both as the “sketch of the horizontal sealing roller” if the both sealing roller did not mesh well;

2. turn the screw cap on the adjusting screw to adjust the pressure (deasil to more and backspin less);

3. change the cuprum bushing on the adjustable axis:

f.demount shield;

g.demount the stator of the heating tube;

h.demount the heating tube;

I.demount the gear (include the gear on the other end of the axis);

J.demount brackets and baffles of the pressure adjusting and adjusting screw;

k.demount bushing seats on the ends of the axis;

L.release the bolt on the bushing seat and demount the cuprum bushing;

M.change the new cuprum bushing on.

1. changing the cuprum bushing on the unadjustable axis:

do as the adjustable axis as.

2. Note: before changing the cuprum bushing, please bore the new cuprum bushing with a reamer of ø25mm first. And when setting the new cuprum bushing on, imbruing the grease which is heat-resistant over 200°C.

 Unloading part adjustment

1. Unloading time adjustment

1. Start the host, and close the unloading clutch. Shut down the machine when the outer bag horizontal sealing roller is sealed, and observe if the measuring cup is precisely aligned to the material leakage port of the unloading plate (see Figure 7-1).

2. When the measuring cup is not aligned to the material leakage port, lift the feeding unloading adjustment handle so that meshing gears are disengaged.

Warning: It is prohibited to disengage the unloading clutch at this time.

3. Clockwise rotate the feed tray so that the next measuring cup just turns to the leak material port, and then put aside the feed unloading adjustment handle, lightly rotate the feed tray back and forth so that the gears have meshed with each other.

Warning: The amplitude can be not too large when lightly rotating the feed tray back and forth, while the feed connecting bar can not be moved, or else the feed line time line

2. Material weight adjustment (Figure 7-2)

1. Reduce weight: rotate the weight adjusting the hand wheel in the clockwise direction;

2. Increase weight: rotate the weight adjusting the hand wheel in the counter-clockwise direction;

3. If the required packaging weight exceeds the scope of the measuring scale, replace the measuring cup.

Figure 7-1


  1. Counterclockwise     2.Clockwise

3. Drum unloading port adjustment (Figure 7-3)

According to material liquidity difference, adjust the height of the drum unloading port, if the material flow is poor, the unloading port height should be adjusted relatively high; on the contrary, if the material flow is better, the unloading port height should be adjusted to a relatively low. It is better that the materials in the drums are enough in the feed tray and not piled up.

Figure 7-3

4. Scraping plate adjustment (Figure 7-4)

Release the fixed nut of the scraping plate, so that a 0.2 to 0.5mm gap between the scraping plate and feed tray surface is maintained, and then lock the nut. The actual situation should be based on that the scraping plate can clean up the feed tray surface.

Warning: It is prohibited for the scraping plate to contact the feed tray surface,

otherwise, it will damage the feed tray.

Figure 7-4

Warning: the cover disallows running into the flange when the cover opens fully.

※Adjusting the cutting 

Adjusting the position of the cutting

  1. push and moving the cutting gear left to take its to break away the transfer gear did not release;
  2. turn the cutting gear, deasil to ahead and anticlockwise to lag;
  3. release the cutting gear take to mesh with the transfer gear.

8. when cutting broken the sachet difficult

when difficult to cut the sachet broken. Change or grind the cutting knife. And adjust the clearance of the cutting knife by the push screw and tauten screw on the cutting bracket. The best clearance of 0.02mm between knives.

Warning: 1. The clutch must be closed when adjusting;

  1. Stop the machine when adjusting.

Adjusting for the tea bag length

When the machine was sent from the factory. We set the machine for the tea bag length according to the buyer’s asking. But the tea bag can be changed more or less 5mm by the length transfer gear.

For the factory setting. We set the media-transfer gear mesh the gear 1. if you want the tea bag length less than 5mm, please move the bracket to take the medi-transfer gear mesh in gear 2. if the mesh in gear 3 will take the tea bag length more than 5mm.

Adjusting for The Prejudicial Sprocket wheel


1. keep the circumference speed of the vertical sealer and horizontal sealer at the same speed;

2. when changing the length of the sachet you must adjust the prejudicial seat of the prejudicial sprocket wheel, in addition, to changing the transmission gear.


  1. turn the horizontal sealing roller as in the picture as;
  2. release the nut on the screw;
  3. turn the adjusting knob to move the cross nick to the scale you need;
  4. locknut to finish the adjusting.




Solution to trouble

Some mechanisms do not work

Open circuit of the motor

Replace the motor or connect the circuit

Abnormal machine running

Foreign objects in gears or moving parts

Shut off the machine for repair

Burnt sealing

No oil lubrication at thermal sealing roller bearings

The bearing key is detached inject oil and fasten tight.

Bad sealing of packing bags

Uneven left and right pressure on the thermal sealing roller

Adjust pressure

Thermal sealing roller wear-off


Unclean where thermal sealing is applied

Clean with a copper brush

Packing paper has bad quality

Contact with packing paper manufacturer

Copper sheath wear-off


Sealing disabled

Heating components burnt out


Bad electric components

Check and replace

Corrugation and packing film sealing are not aligned

The centerline of the packing film does not match with thermal roller dimension

See Adjust The Shaper of The Filtrate Bag(inner bag)


Forming instrument bad adjustment

See adjust The Shaper of The Filtrate Bag(inner bag)

Sealing contains or leaks filler

Different filler feeding time (Due to air resistance)


Filler feeding time does not fit in with thermal sealing time


Bad cut

Cytter gear wear-off


Blunt or damaged cutter edge

Replace or sharpen the cutter


VII.Electric Schematic Diagram