Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine (VSP Machine) is a device used to package food and other products by attaching the product to a packaging film and creating a vacuum environment to achieve packaging.

The following are some common types, advantages, and scope of application of VSP Machines:

Tray Type Skin Vacuum Packaging Machine: This machine is suitable for placing products on a tray and wrapping the product and the tray with a special skin film. Advantages include:

  • Excellent sealing performance: the body-fitting film is tightly combined with the product and the tray to form an effective seal.
  • Provides Stable Packaging: Skin films provide extra support and protection, making products more stable and secure during shipping and storage.
  • Extended shelf life: The vacuum environment can interfere with the oxidation process of food and prolong the shelf life of products.
  • Improve the appearance effect: Skin packaging makes the appearance of the product more concise and attractive.

Handheld Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine: This machine is suitable for smaller packaging needs or situations that require flexible operation. Advantages include:

  • Convenient and easy to use: the machine is compact, easy to carry and operate.
  • Quick sealing: this can quickly complete the skin packaging process and improve efficiency.
  • Space-saving: Suitable for environments with limited space, such as small shops or home use.

Vacuum Skin Packaging Machines are used in a wide range of applications and are mainly evaluated in the following areas:

  • Food industry: including meat, seafood, dairy products, cooked food, dried fruit, coffee, and other food packaging.
  • Food service industry: restaurants, supermarkets, food processing plants and other places where food needs to be packaged and kept fresh.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: packaging and protection of medicines, medical devices and other products.
  • Electronic product industry: packaging and moisture-proofing of electronic components, batteries and other products.

The skin vacuum packaging machine provides excellent sealing performance, freshness preservation effect, and appearance effect, and is a commonly used packaging solution for the packaging needs of a variety of products.